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Eternal Light Healing

Eternal Light Healing forms the basis of Healing Sessions and Healing Session for Two. 

Eternal Light Healing is channelled healing energy that comes mainly through the hands. It is a non-invasive and powerful healing tool that can help with chronic physical conditions, stress situations, emotional shocks and trauma. It can help bring clarity in complex situations and facilitate your personal growth and spiritual transformation. These healing energies work deeply to clear and balance the chakras and releases karmic energies as is appropriate at that time, facilitating deep healing.

Eternal Light Healing goes beyond Reiki, comprising of 12 different rays, each with a specific quality. Some relate to the elements within us and some relate to the celestial energies within us. It is one of the most pure and high frequency forms of channeled healing available today. 

The energies are felt in many different ways, but often as waves of warmth in the body. It is a very nourishing experience and after a session clients feel safe, pampered, peaceful and energised. Reading about these energies is no substitute for experiencing them. I invite you to come and experience them for yourself!

A Gift from Source

The Eternal Light Healing system has been gifted to us by Sanat Kumara, at this time of great planetary change. It has been brought through to humankind by Shimara Kumara, a Master of Subtle Energies, by virtue of her incredible connection to Spirit and her purity of intention. 

These Divine Healing Energies are of the purest frequencies. There are many beings of light who work with each ray and each one is overseen by an Ascended Master. Such is their love for us that we have been gifted with unconditional love these Divine Energies as healing tools to help facilitate the raising of our consciousness at this challenging time on planet earth. It is particularly suited for all those who feel guided to heal themselves on all dimensions of their being. 

Introduction to the Healing Rays

There are two different types of Rays in the Eternal Light Healing system: the Rays of the Elements and the Rays of the celestial bodies around our planet such as Mars, Venus, Pluto etc.

Each of these Rays carries a different vibration and brings healing in a specific way. For example the Ray related to the Earth element brings grounding and the Ray related to the water element balances our emotions. The Venus Ray helps us to feel unconditional love and the Chiron Ray helps to heal our deepest wounds.

They are powerful and beautiful Rays of energy that come through of their own volition, according to what you need in that moment. In this way they have their own ‘divine intelligence’. They each have a slightly different feel to them as I channel them.

To find out more about each of these Rays and what they work on, see below.

4 elements; water, air, fire, earth

The Rays of the Elements

The Rays of the elements which are attuned to 4 of the elements within us – Earth, Water, Fire and Air. They carry the frequency of these elements in their most pristine form. As such these pure frequencies activate and restore the most positive aspects of these elements within us, bringing balance emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Textured brown soil depicting earth element ray

Earth Element Ray - Gaia/Reiki Energy

The Gaia Ray replaces Reiki in the Eternal Light System of healing as it heals and balances the ‘Earth’ element within us. The new frequencies of the Gaia Ray are augmented from the Reiki Ray and can be used in the auric field as well as on the body. In this way it is working more quickly to heal the mental, emotional and spiritual issues behind the illness or disease in the body as it is working at the causal levels.

Rippled blue water depicting the water element ray

Water Element Ray - Moon Energy

Many women feel the powerful effect of the moon on their menstrual cycles. Both men and women feel the pull of the moon energies heightening the emotions as we build towards the full moon. This is not surprising when you understand that our bodies are almost 90% water, as it is the water in our body tissue that ‘holds’ the emotions in our body. The Water Ray carries the purest vibrations of the moon energy and helps to balance and soothe our emotions in the subtle energy field around us, and in the waters within us.

blazing fire depicting the Fire Element ray

Fire Element Ray - Sun Energy

The Fire Ray carries the energy of the sun. In the energy of the Fire Ray, we can give ourselves to the fire for cleansing, purification and transmutation. The Fire Ray will burn through the blocks in our subtle energy fields. It brings back our power, our determination, and our willingness to try to fulfil our highest potential in this lifetime. It is deeply cleansing and empowering.

Blue sky depicting the air element ray

Air Element Ray - Mercury Energy

The Air Ray is very much related to the power of the spoken word. We associate the Air element with a quickness of mind and an ability to communicate our ideas and concepts. The Air Ray strengthens this attribute within us, helping to open up and activate our throat chakra and give it more power. It helps us not to feel afraid to speak our truth. This requires more self-acceptance, especially in relation to expressing our emotions, feeling it is safe to do so. This ray helps us to feel the freedom that being able to express our true selves gives us.

The creative force of the air element within us also allows us to have the power of thought. When we are totally in tune with the universe, these thoughts come from our sacred mind, in harmony with our higher self. 

The frequencies of the Air Ray help to raise our thoughts to be more in tune with our higher self, helping them to be calm and facilitating the release of any negative belief patterns that don’t serve you anymore.

planets in the sky on an orange background

The Rays of the Planets

The healing Rays of the planets are attuned to the frequencies of the planets around our earth. Each planet carries a certain frequency and influences us in the ways spoken of by astrologists. The healing Rays of the planets carry the frequency of the most positive qualities of these planetary energies, bringing balance and healing to these planetary energies within us. This helps to bring peace and empowerment to our lives. 

Text on orange background - Venus ray for unconditional love

Venus Ray - Unconditional Love

The Venus Ray is the ray of pure, divine love, unconditional love; the love that we find emanates from deep in our heart chakra. This Ray helps us to open our heart chakra to feel more of the love that resides there. When we connect with this vibration within us, we can feel more love for ourselves and others.

text on red background -Mars ray for grounding

Mars Ray - Grounding

The Mars Ray is grounding. It opens the chakras of the base and feet, bringing our awareness more comfortably into our physical body, and connecting us more fully with Mother Earth. Opening these chakras and ‘grounding’ ourselves helps us to be more focused, able to concentrate and make decisions. It gives us more energy to achieve our goals. Opening these chakras also brings strength and calm to the heart itself and helps open the heart chakra. This helps to reduce the impact of stress on us and allows us to relax more deeply. This ray brings greater enthusiasm for life and the grounded energy we need to achieve our goals. 

text on orange background - Chiron ray for healing the deepest wounds

Chiron Ray - Healing Deepest Wounds

The Chiron Ray helps us with our deepest wounds. We all carry deep wounds from our previous incarnations that we have chosen to work with in this lifetime. The Chiron Ray works deeply to help clear these wounds from your subtle energy system, helping you find inner resolutions in this lifetime to your recurring issues in life.

text on pink background - Neptune ray for healing the subconscious

Neptune Ray - Healing the Subconscious

The Neptune Ray is a beautiful and comfortable ray, as it invites us to relax into our deepest, often subconscious way of feeling and believing. It is so necessary for this to come into our awareness so that we may see and release our outdated fears and beliefs. To release them it is often necessary to first acknowledge them and feel them. With this energy it is easier to notice them, accept them, love them. Easier to let them in so you can let them go.

Text on orange background -Saturn ray for deep understandings

Saturn Ray - Seeing Deeply

The Saturn Ray brings healing through bringing a higher understanding of life as a mirror. The healing comes from the love and acceptance we feel for ourselves and others when we understand how and why things are occurring in our lives. When we see it from the perspective of our higher selves, we see and understand our patterns with compassion and love. This healing Ray transmutes patterns in the conscious mind of the mental body and the associated feelings in the emotional body to help bring about this higher perspective. As these clear away, so it brings higher vibrations and energies into the subtle bodies.

Text on pink background -Jupiter ray for expansion

Jupiter Ray - Expansion

Jupiter is the planet of expansion. The Jupiter Ray encourages the expansion of our soul light, the expression of our soul energies in your life here and now. Works beautifully with the Mars Ray to help you express more of your soul light here.

Text on orange background -Uranus ray for trusting life

Uranus Ray - Going with the Flow

The Uranus Ray is helping us to move forward, adapting to life’s changes, unhindered by fears and uncertainties. It helps us to go with the flow of life with openness and joy, knowing that whatever presents itself in each moment is the perfect place for us to learn and grow. Life is the divine teacher, presenting us with what we have chosen at a soul level to help us learn to open our hearts further, and love even more deeply because of it. The more we remember to do this, we find forgiveness, love and peace within ourselves. As we begin to understand this deeply, we can make full use of every opportunity, rising to challenges with greater positivity and calm; trusting in Spirit (our higher self), that life loves us and is guiding us.

Text on red background -Pluto ray for transmutation & cleansing

Pluto Ray - Radiation Protection and Cleansing

The Pluto Ray works specifically on giving the physical and subtle bodies protection from radiation. Radiation affects the brain, the DNA and the mental body particularly, and can also lodge in the throat chakra and thyroid area. Astrologically, Pluto is associated with cleansing, purification and transformation. The Pluto Ray helps to cleanse and transform the energy of radiation to bring healing to these areas.

Text on orange background -Sirius Ray for joyful self expression

Sirius Ray - Dolphin Energy

The Sirius Ray is also connected to the wonderful energy of the dolphins. It helps us to be here fully, with joyfulness and playfulness, unreserved and as the fullest expression of who we truly are. As Jesus said ‘except ye become as little children, ye shall not enter the kingdom of heaven’. He did not mean we should be childish, but rather that the innocence of childhood, the truthfulness and honesty in how we feel is vital on our path back to God within us. We have no need to repress the parts of ourselves that we feel are unacceptable or not good enough. It is only the smaller part of ourselves that sees us in that critical light. Our infinite selves do not hold such judgements and see beauty and wholeness in us as we are. Forgiving and loving acceptance of ourselves now is necessary to finding our peace.

Meet Me

Rachel Cremnitz

Rachel Cremnitz

Healing of all kinds and reconnection with Great Spirit has been the central focus of my life. In my practice I help to clear the subtle bodies, align people with their soul path, help people remember their spirit and to find hope and peace. I have been working directly with spirit and with these healing modalities for over 25 years for inner healing, spiritual awakening and personal development. I am based near Diss in Norfolk.

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