Healer in South Norfolk

Helping you find peace and wellbeing through your connection to your inner being, the deepest part of you, your Spirit.

As a healer in South Norfolk I work directly with Spirit, using the healing energies of Eternal Light Healing, Light-Life Technology, Flower & Crystal Essences and Coaching.

Healing brings your Spirit forward, helping all that is not love to fall away. When we are connected to our deep inner being, our Soul energy, our Spirit, we feel wonderful; we feel strong, guided, intentional, peaceful and fulfilled. Since our inner being is with us all the time, this feeling is available to us whenever we choose to connect with it. 

Healing helps to release the distractions and tensions of our daily life, and helps us to face and release our deepest wounds in a safe and comfortable way. 

I work with the Masters on the other levels who bring you their love and their healing to help you connect with your inner being, for your love of life and your personal wellbeing.


Hi, I'm Rachel Cremnitz

Reconnection with God/Great Spirit has been the central focus of my life. In my practice I help to clear the subtle bodies, align people with their soul path, help people remember their spirit and to find hope and peace. I have been working directly with spirit and with these healing modalities for over 25 years for inner healing, spiritual awakening and personal development. I work as a healer in South Norfolk.

To find out more about my journey to this work please see my About me page.

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