Gold colored rings and other light life tools

Light-Life Technology

In a healing session or a healing session for two, you will also experience the wonderful effects of these beautiful and powerful healing tools. Made of copper, silver and gold, they are super-conductors that focus universal energy into a specific area creating a healing vortex of energy.

Each of these amazing tools creates an energy beam or vortex which raises the vibrational frequency in that field. This has been shown in several scientific studies. They can be placed in specific configurations to create an overall beneficial effect on the body and the emotional field to bring health, well-being and balance.

The beam of energy can be seen clairvoyantly coming out of the ring through middle of it and at the same diameter as the ring. Some of the more complicated ring structures have wider force fields, for example some beams are in a cone shape from the diameter of the ring and some create a toroidal field.

How they are used in a Healing Session

Light-Life Technology can be used to increase the vibrational frequency of energy in and around your body to promote health, well-being and balance. They are a wonderful complement to the Eternal Light Healing energies.

These tools can also be used to relieve stress, release discomfort, speed up the recovery process and reduce the impacts of harmful EMFs. They enhance your natural energy. They can also be used to energise water, giving it a better flavour and giving it ‘livingness’ once again which could enhance your energy when consumed.

In a healing session or healing session for two I place the Light-Life Technology tools in a specific pattern around the body. Some will be placed on the physical body, and some will be placed beneath the couch. During the session some tools may be moved as the need arises

How do they Work?

My appreciation of these tools stems from my experience of working with them and observing the positive the effects they have had on myself and others. To fully understand how these things work requires a considerable appreciation of physics, metallurgy, the significance of the sacred cubit measurement and many other things. So, I offer you my basic understanding of how theses amazing tools are doing what they do! 

The Science behind the Rings

How these rings work is quite a long story. It requires an understanding of physics, metallurgy, the significance of the sacred cubit length used to build sites such as the pyramids of Egypt and much more.

The rings are made of copper, cut to a very specific length, twisted in a very particular way, and coated with a layer of silver and then of 24k gold to facilitate their conductivity.

Copper is a metal that has, according to Slim, the ability to transmute cosmic energy into life force energy. Its natural tendency to oxidize with age gradually boosts its power.

When made into a ring, they act as superconductors meaning they have no resistance, rather like electrical wires, which allows electrons to move through them freely. These electrons move in a beam through the centre of the ring.

It’s worth noting at this point that when our bodies are inflamed or injured or dis-eased, there is an accompanying lack of flow of the chi within us around our meridian system (the subtle energy channels for the life force that flows around our bodies).

It is a characteristic of metals that when they are made into a ring, they create a tensor field across the diameter of the ring which is detectable. The nature of this tensor field depends on the exact length of the metal ring circumference. The scientist Archibald Wheeler had discovered the existence of the tensor field in the 1950s however at that time there was no known use for it. Slim Spurling and his colleague Bill Reid discovered multiple uses for it. It became the basis for Light-Life Technology as they bring beneficial life-force energy to everything in their fields. This has been verified by laboratories and a number of different scientists.

It was discovered that if the length used is the sacred cubit length, they create a specific frequency that is in tune with the creative force. This measurement was the standard unit of measurement used to build the pyramids in Egypt. It is the equivalent of 20.6 inches and is the width of the ‘Boss’ stone in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza. It has a natural resonant frequency of 144 Hz which is a harmonic of the speed of light.

At first it was discovered that the ring then had a positive and a negative side, so the ring was created out of two pieces, twisted together in a specific way, so that both sides have a positive effect.

To understand more I would like to refer you to the inventor’s website and the related store  where you can find out more.

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