Gold colored rings and other light life tools

Light-Life Technology Tools

Light-Life Technology tools are beautiful and powerful healing tools. Made of copper, silver and gold, they are super-conductors that focus universal energy into a vortex of healing energy.

Each of these amazing tools creates an energy field which raises the vibrational frequency in that field. This has been confirmed in several scientific studies.

They can be placed in specific configurations around the body to create an overall beneficial effect on the body and the emotions bringing greater health, well-being and balance. 

Available as part of a personal healing session or energy bath for two.

The Origins of Light-Life Technology

Light-Life Technology tools were discovered by a gentle man by the name of Slim Spurling, who had a deep appreciation of metallurgy, physics, biological science and Spirit.

My appreciation of these tools stems from my experience of working with them and observing the positive the effects they have on myself and others. To fully understand how these things work requires a considerable appreciation of physics, metallurgy, Spirit and the significance of the sacred cubit measurement. But I can offer you my basic understanding of how these amazing tools do what they do! 

The Discovery of the Tensor Field

In the 1950s it was discovered by the scientist Archibald Wheeler that it is in the nature of metal, that when it is made into a ring shape, a detectable ‘tensor field’ is created across the centre of the ring.

It was noted that the nature of tensor field varied, taking on specific qualities depending on the length of the metal used to create the ring. The precise diameter of the ring determined the ‘nature’ or effect that it’s tensor field had on things.

The Origin of the Light-Life Rings

Slim Spurling and his colleague Bill Reid made a remarkable discovery; that when using the specific measurement known as the ‘sacred cubit length’ to make a ring, the effect of the tensor field was extraordinary.

They found that when made to this precise length, the tensor field has a specific frequency that is in tune with the creative force such that it raises the vibrational frequency of everything in its field.

They found that it brings beneficial life-force energy to everything in its field. This has been verified by laboratories and a number of different scientists.

The Significance of the Sacred Cubit Length

The sacred cubit length measurement was the standard unit of measurement used to build the great pyramid in Egypt. It is the equivalent of 20.6 inches and is the width of the ‘Boss’ stone in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza. This length has a natural resonant frequency of 144 Hz which is a harmonic of the speed of light.

It is unlikely that the Great Pyramid was built by human hands alone; according to Drunvalo Melchizedek, in his book ‘The Flower of Life’, it was built with the help of higher consciousness. Drunvalo explains that it was not just a burial chamber for the pharaoh, it had a much more profound spiritual purpose.

The Creation of Light-Life Ring Energy Fields

Slim then discovered that by using highly conductive metals and twisting them in a certain way, the energy of the tensor field was extended into a larger beam of energy.

This energy field comes out through middle of the ring, far to each side, at the same diameter as the ring. He found that everything that is in that field of energy is affected by it.

So Slim began to make rings using the most highly conductive metals available. He used copper then coated them with 9 layers of silver and 24k gold alternately.

The new tools he had made were now ‘super-conductors’ of life force energy. This then became the basis for Light-Life Technology.

Later, Slim evolved the rings further, creating tools that have more complicated ring structures and wider force fields, such as cone shapes and toroidal fields. All these energy fields can be seen clairvoyantly.

He also discovered several other lengths that had healing properties; he described these to me as harmonics of the sacred cubit length.

Healing uses of Light-Life Technology

We are electrical beings. Energy runs through us like electricity. This is like the energy of the life force that flows in all of us. When our bodies are inflamed, injured or dis-eased, there is an accompanying lack of flow of the chi within us as it flows around our bodies in channels known as the meridian system. These tools create fields of fast-moving energy that helps to unblock the meridians allowing the free flow of energy around the body, bringing healing and wellbeing.

In my experience the sacred cubit rings move the subtle energy forces in our physical body so that the stuck energy of old emotions held in our tissues is released and dissolved. I have experienced this many times on myself and it is a wonder to behold. Sometimes it is more conscious than others; sometimes the old energy leaves without me having to ‘see’ it and at other times it is simply gently released.

Another measurement was later found, known as the lost cubit, a harmonic of the sacred cubit length. This length focuses more specifically on the emotional body in the auric field, releasing old energy that is stuck there as its free-flowing energies come into contact with the aura.

The sacred cubit rings can also be used to energise water, giving it a better flavour and giving it ‘livingness’ once again. This will enhance your energy when consumed.

How they are used in a Healing Session

Light-Life Technology tools can be placed on the body or beneath the couch to bring their benefits during a healing session. They are a wonderful complement to the Eternal Light Healing energies.

Available as part of a personal healing session or energy bath for two.

For more information

To fully understand how these tools work requires a considerable appreciation of physics, metallurgy, the significance of the sacred cubit measurement and subtle energy forces. I have offered my basic understanding of how these amazing tools do what they do, but I encourage you to discover more by visiting their website;  

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