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In a healing session we will work with the wonderful healing energies of Eternal Light Healing and Light-Life Technology to help you release emotional trauma and find your peaceful heart vibration. It is usually experienced as bringing a sense of deep inner peace and wellbeing. Some people have experienced relief from physical pain and some have experienced a greater connection to their non-physical guides and guardian angels. If you wish it, it can start a process of deep healing in your life.

On this page you will find much information about what happens in a healing session, the healing energies I use, chakra rebalancing, karmic healing, and how to best continue the healing process after your session. If you are new to healing and would like to bring a friend, how about trying an Energy Bath for Two.

What Does Healing Feel Like?

Every session is different, even for the same person on different occasions, but a healing session is usually experienced as being deeply relaxing, centering and peaceful. 

On an emotional level a healing session can help you to feel like you ‘can breathe again’ and move forward from a new perspective. It can bring a sense of greater emotional clarity and inner strength. On a mental level it can help you have new and positive ideas or beliefs about yourself and the world. It can also bring a much deeper understanding of your life and situation from a Soul perspective.

On a spiritual level these energies resonate with the deepest part of you, your soul energy. As such they pull that aspect of you forward, releasing things that are not in accordance with it, so that old emotions and limiting thought patterns start to fall away. After a healing session people often find that they have a greater awareness of themselves at a spiritual level, and that their lives start to take on a new dimension of understanding from this place.

Many clients often feel an unusual heat coming from my hands and some can tell where my hands are from this. This is the energy of the Rays of healing. You may experience physical sensations in your body as the energy works to clear your physical body. This could be things such as heat, pressure, tingling or other sensation as everyone is different. They are a great physical indication that the energy is working.

When people have healing for the first time, they can be quite surprised at how profound the feeling of these pure energies is. It reaches to a level of experience outside the brain’s normal frame of reference. 

What Happens in a Healing Session?

The healing session will begin with a brief consultation. During the session I will put on some quiet background music to help reduce external distractions.

Healing can be done lying on a therapy couch or sitting in a chair if you prefer. I have an extra padded therapy couch and cushions to help you. The comfort is there to help you on your healing journey.

At the beginning of the healing work, I will place my hands or fingertips lightly on each side of the head near the temple points. This allows me to tune into your energetic field and start bringing through healing. It also helps to balance your left and right brain.

After this I will stand to one side of the couch and work mainly in the auric field. I work with the energy in the auric field, clearing the chakras and transmuting any unwanted energy there. Sometimes, if guided to, I work directly on the physical body by placing my hands gently on the body.

At the end of the session, I will touch your shoulders to bring you back to the room and let you know that the session has finished. There will be time for you to come around and get grounded again ready for your day.

The Healing Energies

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Eternal Light Healing

Eternal Light Healing is one of the most beautiful and pure channeled healing energies available today. These beautiful energies come from the higher realms of Spirit. As such they resonate with the deepest part of us, our Soul Energy, and they bring that aspect of us forward, awakening us to our Spirit.

When we feel our Spirit energy within us, we are filled with love, peace and hope. It helps us to make better decisions, it helps us to understand the nature of our challenges in the context of our Soul journey, and it brings greater joy and appreciation of life. It brings out our creativity and our feeling of deep inner empowerment as it helps us to release the limiting feelings and thought patterns we all have had for so long. We can then reclaim our life.

These wonderful healing energies create a sacred healing space in the room as the Ascended Masters and Angels who work with each ray, as well as our guides and spiritual helpers, all bring their energies, their love, their power and strength, to help the healing process. It creates a sacred space in which much healing can take place. I will ask you to be open to receiving any changes that the Universe has in store for you at that time.

See Eternal Light Healing page to find out about these healing energies.

Light-Life Technology

Light-Life Technology are tools that need to be experienced to be believed! These incredible healing tools (made of copper, silver and gold), focus life-force energy into healing vortices. These energy fields raise the frequency of all that is around them. They can be placed around the body to facilitate deep healing. They bring wellbeing and balance to the emotional, mental, physical and Spiritual levels of our being.

They were invented by Slim Spurling, a modern day alchemist, and the man dubbed by Drunvalo Melchizedek as ‘The Merlin of the Modern Day’. In order to understand these amazing healing tools we need an understanding or metalury, biophysics and Spirit.

See Light-Life Technology page to find out how they work and how they were discovered.

Chakra Rebalancing

Chakras are the part of our subtle energy system through which we have an exchange of energy with the world around us. It is through the chakras that we experience the world. 

Difficult or traumatic experiences in life can cause us to close the related chakra to limit the pain of the experience at that time. Unfortunately, this also limits our experience of life through that chakra. 

In a healing session the healing energies are used to open the chakras once again. As they clear away stuck energies, more light can enter the body through the chakras once again, bringing love and healing to that area of life once more. 

See Understanding Chakra Healing to find out more.

Karmic Healing

Karmic energy is the energy of traumas that we have experienced in past lives. The energetic blueprint of these can stay with us in our subtle energy system through many lifetimes until we work to clear and release them. 

These memories are held very deeply within us. Even though we may have no conscious memory of these traumas from the past, they can influence how we feel and respond to certain situations. These karmic energies can be the cause of repeating patterns in our lives that feel as if they are beyond our control. 

The healing energies of Eternal Light Healing and Light-Life Tools work so deeply that they are able to release old karmic energy. Sometimes it is released without us having to remember the initial event, however if it is helpful to our understanding and spiritual growth, sometimes I will be shown its karmic roots. 

This is a wonderful experience as we do not experience all the suffering, just the relief as the energy leaves us. Bringing awareness to the feelings that lay so deeply within us, and then releasing them, helps us to feel so much lighter and more free in ourselves. It helps us move forward and create more positive situations in our life.


There will be many crystals used in the session to bring balance to the frequencies in the room. Crystals are a wonderful addition to the energies. There will be variety of crystals, placed around the room, some of which are programmed to help us with our healing work and some will be ‘holding’ the space. 

After the Session

After a healing session the healing energies will continue to be working on you for some time. Many clients experience profound shifts after the session or have unusually profound dreams. Every person has a different experience so what will happen will be specific to you. These healing rays work under the direction of your spirit or higher self who knows you intimately, so it will be perfect for you in that moment.

I would recommend having a journal or dream diary to make a note of any insights and realisations you may have had. Just the simple act of writing them down can help to ‘ground’ them within you, to make them more conscious within you. Doing so often has the effect of bringing back to mind things that occurred in the session that you may have forgotten. When we go to a deep place in a session, we are at a different level of consciousness. Bringing understandings and feelings back from this place can be likened to bringing back memories from dreamscapes; they can be elusive. Finding a quiet space after your session, even if only briefly, to help recall what happened can be useful in this way. Furthermore, it can be good to look back at later.


Cleansing can occur on an emotional and physical level. On a physical level, these healing energies raise the vibrations of the body. I would recommend allowing your body to cleanse a little after your session if you feel drawn to do so.

Emotional – When a profound emotional shift is made in a session it is always advisable to give yourself time after the session to allow yourself to integrate what has occurred; give yourself time to feel the new feeling, to practice it, before you head back into the busyness of life.

Flower & Crystal Essences

Flower & Crystal Essence combinations can help continue your process of transformation and healing after the session. Bach Flower Remedies help to release emotions and thought patterns you are experiencing on a daily basis and Inner Child Essences work more deeply to help release issues that have arisen in childhood. To find out more about these essences please see the Flower Remedies page.

Meet Me

Rachel Cremnitz

Rachel Cremnitz

Healing of all kinds and reconnection with Great Spirit has been the central focus of my life. In my practice I help to clear the subtle bodies, align people with their soul path, help people remember their spirit and to find hope and peace. I have been working directly with spirit and with these healing modalities for over 25 years for inner healing, spiritual awakening and personal development. I am based near Diss in Norfolk.

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