About Me

I offer the healing therapies that have helped me the most in my journey of life and self development. With these at my side I can embrace the magic of life, get help with life’s challenges, see life from the perspective of my Soul journey and make the ordinary extraordinary. 

As a young child I was aware of Spirit. I could see some of the interplay between the Spiritual, emotional, mental and physical levels of our being, and how this affects our health and wellbeing, and this fascination became my journey of learning as an adult.

This holistic approach to healing has taken me through a wide variety of studies to help me understand more broadly and more deeply how we can improve our wellbeing. It’s a journey that will never end and one that I continue to find as fascinating and rewarding as ever.

Portrait of Rachel Cremnitz in garden
Rachel Cremnitz

My Journey

When I was 19 had an experience that opened my awareness to the incredible love of Great Spirit for us. It helped to heal some of the trauma of my teenage years but I was still lost in life, not able to find a meaningful foothold in the world, much of which didn’t make sense to me. It wasn’t until I was in my mid-twenties, when I had what I would have to call a profound spiritual awakening that I was finally ready to step on to my spiritual path in a conscious way.  

Training in Healing

At this point I found a wonderful teacher Shimara Kumara, an international healer and teacher, and the founder of the Academy of Eternal Light Healing. With Shimara I trained as a healer for almost 10 years and came to learn many of the principles of healing and spiritual growth. I was initiated into Golden Age Reiki I and II, followed by 12 initiations into the 12 rays of Eternal Light Healing. I became a registered Reiki and Eternal Light Healer.

I have had many (nearly 30) years of dedicated commitment to clearing my personality patterns and ego needs in order to learn how to open myself up to channeling these energies more fully. My journey with this is, of course, ongoing.

Training in other Holistic Therapies

Alongside training as a healer, I explored many other holistic therapies in order to understand the true nature of how we find health and wellness.


I completed two years of osteopathic technique training at the British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy (BCNO). As part of this degree course, I completed two years of study into naturopathic healing techniques and diet & nutrition. 

Shiatsu & Acupressure

I took a qualification in Shiatzu Anma Massage and Traditional Chinese Medicine whilst living in California. Back in the UK I qualified in Seated Acupressure Massage. Studying Traditional Chinese Medicine gave me an understanding the Eastern principles of health and wellbeing.

Reiki Massage

Whilst studying osteopathy I worked as a reiki massage therapist in London and experienced for myself how the subtle energies of emotions can be held in our physical tissues, and can be released using bodywork. 

Working with Subtle Energies

When working as a massage therapist, I could see how the healing energies that were coming through me were facilitating the release of old emotional energies that were held in the body tissues. This was occuring more deeply than I could reach with the bodywork alone. I noticed it was the release of these old emotional energies that was facilitating the deep and lasting change in the physical body we were looking for. 

Seeing how deeply the roots of our full healing lie, and how deeply we have to go to create positive, lasting change in our lives, I moved on to focus more fully on the subtle energy practices that address this directly. This included the study and practice of the channeled healing energy of Eternal Light Healing, Light-Life Technology, Flower & Crystal Essences including the Bach Flower Remedies, Heart Imagery Meditation, Crystal Healing, Qigong and other spiritual practices. 

Flower & Crystal Essences

I took a 2-year diploma course at the College of Vibrational Medicine studying the principles of health and disease as described by Dr Edward Bach. On this course we learnt how to work with Bach Flower Remedies, Inner Child Essences and many other Flower & Crystal Essences. I qualified as a registered Flower & Crystal Essence Practitioner (Dip CVM). I then worked for many years at Crystal Herbs Ltd, a wonderful company founded by Shimara Kumara that makes flower, gem and crystal essences for healing mind, body and soul.

Meditation Teacher Training

Reconnecting with Drunvalo Melchizedek’s work in 2012 brought a wonderful and profound spiritual awakening, and my journey intensified in the most wonderful way. This led me to complete the Awakening the Illuminated Heart (ATIH) workshop and the Cosmic Grace workshop with Drunvalo.

Furthermore I trained as a Heart Imagery Meditation Teacher with Daniel Mitel at The School of the Heart to learn how to help others access their Sacred Space of the Heart, the source of an endless supply of wellbeing and balance.

The Masters

I cannot describe my journey without mention of the many beloved masters and teachers who have been helping me and teaching me all my life, some of whom are in incarnation and some of whom have been teaching me from their books and from their spirits. I love them so much and I owe them all my understanding. 

Outside of Work

You may find me on the dance floor or walking in nature or gardening or spending time with family and friends. Our children are now grown and I live in beautiful Norfolk with my husband Sam Cremnitz (director of Crystal Herbs, healer & teacher). 

Love and blessings,


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