Healing for Personal & Spiritual Wellbeing

Healing sessions bring you back in touch with your Soul energy. This is revitalising, grounding, and connects you to your deep heart vibration. It is through your heart energy that you connect with your Soul/Spirit and it is from here that all healing comes.

Connecting with our Soul energy makes us feel wonderful, or helps to release us from the pain that we carry. It helps to bring clarity of mind and focus of intention. It helps us to make good decisions that reflect our highest objectives.

When we do healing the Spiritual Masters on the higher levels of consciousness send through their love and compassion. It is this that creates change within us as it resonates with our Soul energy and pulls that part of us forward, helping all that is not love to fall away. In truth this energy is always available to us but a healing session can help us to connect with it more deeply within ourselves.

Choose your Session

Healing Sessions

Personal healing sessions work deeply to facilitate personal transformation and healing. Brings the Soul-light within you forward and helps to release emotions that are holding you back.

Energy Baths for Two

A great way to set the reset button in your life; releases tension, clears the subtle energy system, increases natural energy and helps you connect with your Soul energy within. A spiritually attuned pamper session!

Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies and Crystal Essences are a wonderful way to continue the healing process after a healing session of any kind. A gift from nature, the flowers and cystals around us offer their healing energies to help us find peace and balance in our lives.

Meet Me

Rachel Cremnitz

Rachel Cremnitz

Sensing spirit since childhood has given me a life-long passion for all things holistic. I came across these therapies early in my life and I have been using them ever since to help myself, my family and others with life’s challenges. I now specialize in the ones that I have found to be the most powerful and effective at getting to the roots of our difficulties. I am based near Diss in Norfolk.

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