After the Session

After a healing session the healing energies will continue to be working on you for some time. Many clients experience profound shifts after the session or have unusually profound dreams. Every person has a different experience so what will happen will be specific to you. These healing rays work under the direction of your spirit or higher self who knows you intimately, so it will be perfect for you in that moment.

I would recommend having a journal or dream diary to make a note of any insights and realisations you may have had. Just the simple act of writing them down can help to ‘ground’ them within you, to make them more conscious within you. Doing so often has the effect of bringing back to mind things that occurred in the session that you may have forgotten. When we go to a deep place in a session, we are at a different level of consciousness. Bringing understandings and feelings back from this place can be likened to bringing back memories from dreamscapes; they can be elusive. Finding a quiet space after your session, even if only briefly, to help recall what happened can be useful in this way. Furthermore, it can be good to look back at later.


Cleansing can occur on an emotional and physical level. On a physical level, these healing energies raise the vibrations of the body. I would recommend allowing your body to cleanse a little after your session if you feel drawn to do so.

Emotional – When a profound emotional shift is made in a session it is always advisable to give yourself time after the session to allow yourself to integrate what has occurred; give yourself time to feel the new feeling, to practice it, before you head back into the busyness of life.

Flower & Crystal Essences

Flower & Crystal Essence combinations can help continue your process of transformation and healing after the session. Bach Flower Remedies help to release emotions and thought patterns you are experiencing on a daily basis and Inner Child Essences work more deeply to help release issues that have arisen in childhood. To find out more about these essences please see the Flower & Crystal Remedies page.

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