Understanding the Chakras

by Rachel Cremnitz

Coloured Chakras showing their distribution on the body

Chakras are part of our subtle energy field that permeates through our physical body and extends beyond it. The structure of our subtle energy field in its entirety is a very large and complex subject, but the chakras are an important part of helping us understand how and why we hold on to difficult emotions, how our emotional and mental tendencies get formed and what we can do to remedy this.

Our chakras are a part of what we call our ‘subtle’ or ‘energy’ body or auric field. Quantum physics and new understandings of the structure of an atom now show that even our physical bodies are mostly energy, with less than a pin head of actual mass! But since our physical body remains the densest part of us, we make the distinction and acknowledge the presence of our less physical body as the ‘subtle body’.

The Subtle body extends far beyond the physical body and is equally responsible for how we feel, our health and our well-being. This is why holistic therapies take into account the importance of our subtle bodies.

What is a Chakra?

chakra energy spiraling out at front & back of body

The chakras are a part of the subtle body. They cannot be found on the physical body, yet their locations have been pinpointed by empirical studies. Chakras are energy points on the physical body and the pranic tube through which energy is given to and received from the world around us.

The word ‘chakra’ means spinning wheel, describing the motion of the energy as it comes in and out of the chakra. There is a continual energy exchange between us and the world around us that we may not be fully aware of. It takes place at the emotional, mental and spiritual levels of our being. Clairvoyantly the energy can be seen coming out of the chakras to the front and the back of the body in a cone shape; the energy spiraling outwards or inwards as it does so, like a spinning wheel.

This energy exchange is of Universal Energy, commonly called ‘chi’. We are completely surrounded by it, we live in an energy field. We tend to think of ourselves as isolated individuals, separate from the world around us, with air between us but this being a neutral sort of empty space in which a few elements are present. Yet as has been shown by the many Spiritual masters it is anything but empty! It is part of the quantum energy field, and is alive with possibilities. It has been shown in quantum physics that the field around us is directly related to us; our expectations, belief pattens, and more.  

Experiencing Life Through the Chakras

Have you ever reflected on where you feel your feelings and emotions? Next time you have a strong feeling or emotion, try to sense where on or in your body you are feeling it.

The way our spiritual (energy) body is structured is that we experience life through these portals in our energy system. They are like our windows onto the world. Through each portal we can experience a different aspect of life. We literally experience our feelings and emotions in particular areas of our body.

For example, in the heart chakra that we can feel equal unconditional love for all, and we can feel the pain of the absence of it. So, when we lose someone, we say it has ‘broken our heart’ and put our hand on our chest – the area of our heart chakra.

The Effect of Trauma on the Chakras

Mental & Emotional Effects – When we experience trauma, the pain can be too great to deal with immediately, so to prevent too intense suffering and in favour of our survival, the chakra will close a little to protect us. This is just temporary and is always reversible.

To protect ourselves further, we shrink down the block restricting the chakra and store it away there untouchable until we are ready.

Physical Effects – Our Chakras not only affect our emotions but also our physical body as the energy that comes into our body also nourishes the organs that are near to the chakra. As the chakras closes a little, we have restricted energy flow to that part of the body also. This is why when we have deep hurts that affect a chakra we can also difficulties in the associated area of the body including the organs that are close by.

The organ that is closest is also involved in helping us process and release the feelings of that chakra. For example, the Solar Plexus chakra is the area in which we feel our anger. The organ closest to it is the liver. The liver helps us process our anger and transmute it. But it also suffers from any blocks in that chakra that arise from our unprocessed anger.

It is interesting to note that when we detoxify our physical body, we can experience unexpected anger. This is because the detox is allowing time for our liver to transmute our repressed anger that it has been too busy to deal with before. Our modern lives are full of toxicity which overloads the liver and inhibits this process. This is why detox can be so helpful.

There is a wonderful saying in Traditional Chinese Medicine that says ‘the organs weep the tears the eyes refuse to shed’. This is an acknowledgment of the interrelation of our emotions, our subtle body and our physical body.

Chakra Rebalancing for Deep Healing

In a healing session and a healing energy bath for two, I use channeled healing energy and Light-Life Tools to help rebalance the chakras. As these healing energies flood the body they will go to the areas of most resistance within you. In other words, because these energies move so freely, they will come across stuck energy like a water in a stream finding a rock.

As the chakra opens in a healing session, sometimes the memory of the hurt can be revisited in a comfortable way. It is always in a way that we can deal with easily. Taking the time to acknowledge it, process it, understand and forgive helps the energy to release. As we do this it opens the door to allow more energy into that area of life once more and we feel so much lighter.

The healing energies are so effective as they take us deeper within in such a safe feeling way, such that these things can be observed in a way that is not so painful. Healing raises our consciousness so that we are not so worried about the trauma as we would normally be.

Sometimes, just before we release an old trauma, we will become aware of a feeling of tension or constriction in a chakra. This is often the first step of you having given permission, possibly subconsciously, for it to open a little. A moment has come perhaps when you can choose to face this experience with an open heart and mind and learn to love again.

Facing our difficulties can be painful but it’s a step in the right direction, and it is so rewarding as it has a knock-on effect on the other chakras. For example, there is often a correlation between the Sacral Chakra of self-love and acceptance, and the throat chakra through which we express ourselves. So, releasing Judgements we hold against ourselves that close our sacral chakra, the chakra of creativity, helps us to express ourselves more fully through the throat chakra.

Meet Me

Rachel Cremnitz

Rachel Cremnitz

Healing of all kinds and reconnection with God/Great Spirit has been the central focus of my life. In my practice I help to realign subtle bodies, realign people with their soul path, help people remember their spirit and to find hope and peace. I have been working directly with spirit and with these healing modalities for over 25 years for inner healing, spiritual awakening and personal development.

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