Lessons From the Masters – Food

by Rachel Cremnitz

Oftentimes over the years I have been taught by the Great Masters from their books and their spirits. They connect with me through my heart. This has often been with masters who are in Spirit at the time of reading. They are great spiritual masters whose power of love can overcome the barriers of time and dimension. They connect with me through my heart.

I have often felt that these understandings and experiences are beyond my pay grade. They have furthered and deepened my understandings, but perhaps also I can bring some of what they teach into modern awareness. This is my goal here. So, I attempt to pass on some of what I have been taught in case it is helpful to anyone else.

The most notable examples have been with Paramahansa Yogananda, Sri Yukeswar, Sri Ramakrishna. You will notice that each of these great masters were born in India. This is no coincidence. India has provided the world with a priceless contribution. They moved the world from the idea of God as a theological concept, to an actual personal experience of God.

In the words of Yogananda

India’s priceless contribution to the world, discovered anciently by her rishis, is the science of religion -yoga, “divine union” -by which God can be known, not as a theological concept but as an actual personal experience. Of all scientific knowledge, the yoga science of God realization is of the highest value to man, for it strikes at the root-cause of all human maladies:

The 'Natural' State

Many masters have spoken of the need to maintain ‘the natural state’, the state our bodies move naturally towards if we treat it with respect, feed it appropriate foods.

We live in the most exquisitely beautiful bodies. They function with a level of subtlety and sophistication that science has barely scratched the surface of. 

Some foods have a very strong vibration that we become more aware of as we raise our frequencies. Some become intolerable as we are able to maintain equilibrium or balance within ourselves.

As the feeling of peace builds within you, it builds on itself and the craving for low vibrational foods diminishes, and we get nearer to the Natural state as described by the masters.

Healing Foods

Low vibrational foods can also cause imbalances in our physical body as they slow down the emotional healing process and delay physical healing. Foods on one end of the scale hold uncomfortable patterns within us, whilst those on the other end encourage their release. A cheese and mayonnaise sandwich will be appealing as it slows the healing process down. Fruit, salad vegetables speed up the process of release

Positive foods hold a higher consciousness lifting us out of the dark. But choosing them may mean letting go of some emotional attachments, some misplaced emotional bonds to them.

As we eat more fresh fruit and vegetables our bodies become more alkaline, facilitating healing and denying viruses and bacteria of the conditions they love.  Low vibrational foods such as processed foods, meat, fish, eggs, dairy, coffee, sugar and alcohol can be reduced to facilitate health and the clearing process.

Meet Me

Rachel Cremnitz

Rachel Cremnitz

Healing of all kinds and reconnection with God/Great Spirit has been the central focus of my life. In my practice I help to realign subtle bodies, realign people with their soul path, help people remember their spirit and to find hope and peace. I have been working directly with spirit and with these healing modalities for over 25 years for inner healing, spiritual awakening and personal development.

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