colorful flowers & crystals that are in some of the inner child essences

Inner Child Essences

Healing the Inner Child is one of the most empowering things we can do for our emotional well-being. It promotes a raising of consciousness, higher understandings of one’s own childhood and most importantly, a clearing of deep emotional hurts and imbalances.

As we release fear, lack of self-worth, guilt and a myriad of other patterns, so we start to heal our inner child and experience more joy, peace and love in our lives. This can transform our life, make our relationships more harmonious and help us create a new reality.

The Inner Child Essences are a range of 36 different essences created by Shimara Kumara; each bottle contains a combination of flower and crystal essences that are brought together to help clear away specific issues relating to our inner child. 

Inner Child Essences are powerful tools that are a great way to continue the healing process between treatments. These essences carry the positive healing vibrations of flowers & crystals. Each flower or crystal relates to a particular way we think and feel, and helps to rebalance our thoughts and emotions such that we can find greater harmony and peace in our lives. 

  • Acceptance– Acceptance, Openness
  • Balance– Emotional balance & harmony
  • Be Here Now– Grounded & present
  • Birth– Birth traumas
  • Courage– Courage & Fearlessness
  • Decisive– Intuition & inner knowing
  • Delight– Joy & Playfulness
  • Faith– Faith, trust & connection
  • Family– Inherited family patterns
  • Father– Father & male issues
  • Forgiveness– Forgiveness, non-judgement
  • Freedom– Releasing restrictive patterns
  • Goodwill– Recent or suppressed anger
  • Gratitude– Thankfulness & appreciation
  • Grief– Sadness, missing loved ones
  • Guardian Angel– Connection to Angelic realms
  • Humility– Humble, releasing pride
  • Innocence– Innocence, purity, guilt
  • Intimacy– Closeness, togetherness, affinity
  • Love– Unconditional love, non-judgement
  • Mother– Mother & female issues
  • Mother Earth– Safe on Mother Earth
  • Moving Forward– Going with the flow
  • Obsessions– Addictions, obsessive thoughts
  • Peace– Peace, tranquillity, trauma release
  • Prosperity– Divine Abundance
  • Protected– Protection, emotional vulnerability
  • Relate– Empathy, rapport, emotional response
  • Release– Releasing emotional neediness
  • Self Worth– Honouring, loving, respecting self
  • Simplicity– Simplicity, making life simple
  • Soul Gifts– Attributes, artistry, past life talents
  • Soul Retrieval– reintegrating soul aspects
  • Stillness– Patience, timelessness, relaxed
  • Truth– Truth, honesty, integrity
  • Vision– Inner knowing, inner wisdom
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