Healing for Spiritual Awakening

Eternal Light Healing comes from Source, and as such, resonates with the deepest part of us, our Spirit. It pulls that part of us forward into our conscious awareness, bringing spiritual awakening. It is a gift from Source to help us grow and develop spiritually at this time of great change.

Healing is channeled energy that comes through the hands, the most well-known form of which is Reiki, though there are many other forms of healing energy being offered today. It is used for healing and spiritual growth.

I choose to work with the Eternal Light Healing system which includes Reiki within it. It contains many high frequency energies within the one system of healing and is suitable for those on their spiritual path who love to work deeply on all levels of their being. 

The Origins of Channeled Healing

Photograph of Mikao Usui in black and whiteIt was Reiki healing that brought into the consciousness of humanity the possibility of channeling healing energy from the higher dimensions to help ourselves and others. It was introduced to the world by a deeply spiritual man by the name of Mikao Usui (1865-1926).

Usui was a ‘Master of Energies’ with a profound and pure connection to Spirit. He spent many hours in the mountains of Japan in meditative connection with his Soul energy, and had a deep desire to help his fellow humanity.

He had connected with the Universal Life Force energy deeply within himself (the energy we now call Reiki), and felt it’s healing power. It was his intention to help others access this healing energy for their own healing.

Usui had been born in Japan where the concept of energy initiations and attunements had been part of Buddhist practice for thousands of years. He was shown through his Spirit, how to use an initiation or ‘attunement’ process as a way of him conferring his ability to connect with this energy to others, to allow them to also access healing energies in this way.

Although great Spiritual Masters have always been able to transmit healing through their hands, Mikao Usui brought to the world a way that a wider range of people could access these healing energies for their healing and spiritual growth.

The Emergence of Eternal Light Healing

Portrait of Shimara KumaraSince the time that Reiki was introduced, the vibrational level of the planet and of humanity has risen so much that there became a need for a wider and deeper range of high vibrational energies to help us work with deeper aspects of our being.

Eternal Light Healing was brought through to us through Shimara Kumara through her purity of intention and her deep connection to higher consciousness. These energies work on all dimensions of our being, bringing with it deep spiritual awakening.

Eternal Light Healing goes beyond Reiki, comprising of 12 different rays of healing, each with a specific quality. It is one of the most pure and high frequency forms of channeled healing available today. 

These healing energies work to clear and balance the subtle energy fields, release karmic energies and bring spiritual growth and reconnection.

Mikao Usui is one of those that oversees the use of these healing energies and he continues to work with many other Being of Light on the higher dimensions to send through these energies from Source.

What does Healing Feel Like?

Healing sessions are deeply relaxing, centering and peaceful. Each session can be slightly different as you will have different things to work with in that session. 

Many clients feel an unusual heat coming from my hands. You may experience physical sensations in your body as the energy works to clear your physical body such as heat, pressure, tingling or other sensation as everyone is different.

These are a great physical indication that the energy is working however the true work of the healing will be clearing the subtle vibrations that are held in your auric field and physical body.

You may experience complex emotions dissolving or a greater sense of peace as the energy works on you.

When people have healing for the first time, they can sometimes be surprised at how profound the feeling of these pure energies is. This is because it reaches to a level of experience outside the brain’s normal frame of reference. 

It’s important to know that this energy does not come from me, I merely channel it. It is therefore able to carry a vibration of healing that I do not own and that is way beyond my personal being.

How does Healing Help?

  • When you feel difficult emotions such as anger, fear, frustration, grief etc, healing can help you release them or to get in touch with their deep underlying cause.
  • When you feel lost in the darkness, healing can help reconnect you to hope, and experience a greater sense of connection to your higher self, your spirit guides, your angels and to a deeper sense of peace with life.
  • When you are feeling stuck, or have lost faith in your ability to change your circumstances, healing can help restore trust and faith in your process (the process of change and creation in your life).
  • When you feel without help, guidance and support in life, healing can help to reconnect you with your guides and higher dimensional helpers, and feel their infinite love for you once again.
  • If you are new to spiritual work, it can help you reconnect with that part of yourself, bringing spiritual remembrances and awakenings.
  • Sometimes we simply feel an inner sense of wanting to go deeper, to explore something deeper in life. Intuitively we can know we are eternal beings and we want to connect with this infinite part of ourselves.
  • Sometimes we know we can create more in our lives and our higher selves are pushing us to look deeper to find solutions, to find the deeper truth of life, and to understand the process of creation.

Please see the Personal Healing Session page for more information. 

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