Bach Flower Remedies & Crystal Essences

Flower remedies and crystal essences can offer you the support you need to continue your process of personal development and change after the healing session or possibly an energy bath for twoAs a flower & crystal essence practitioner I can guide you through the different types of essences available, and help you find the most appropriate essence for you. 

How do Bach Flower Remedies & Crystal Essences Work?

These essences hold the very pure and untainted frequencies of specific flowers and crystals. These energies are of a much higher vibration than the negative feelings or beliefs that we hold and as such they transmute them. A lighter or ‘higher’ vibration always transmutes the lower vibrations. In this way they clear away the negative emotions and thought patterns that we carry. When chosen with care they release what is holding you back and bring you strength to become all you can be.

Every flower and crystal hold a ‘signature’ vibration, a particular energy, that will transmute the lower energy of the negative emotions or thought patterns that we carry. Each one will work to release a different emotions or belief patterns, specific to that flower or crystal. 

This energetic frequency of the flowers and crystals is ‘held’ in the water component of the essence, so as we take each essence, we are taking the healing frequency of that flower or crystal.

Each single flower or crystal holds a strong vibration in itself, but in combination the effect can be even more powerful. We can combine different flower and crystal essences to create combinations that work with particular issues.

Flowers are the highest expression of a plant’s life so usually this is the part that is used when making an essence. Flowers hold beautiful energies that bring us closer to our true selves, our soul-light. They make us feel lighter and happier in the way we do when we walk in nature. All of nature is God’s creation and hold the frequency of Spirit in itself. The wonderful energetic signature of the flowers can be held in the essence for our healing.

Crystals also hold powerful vibrations. Holding crystals and having them around you brings their positive healing qualities to you. Many people are now using them for spiritual connection and self-healing. A crystal essence carries the vibrational signature, the energy of a particular crystal, to take in essence form. This is a powerful way to work with the energies of crystals as it can be taken regularly at any time to bring us the benefit of the energy of that crystal. 

These powerful healing tools carry the healing vibrations of flowers and crystals, to bring about the release of old emotions and belief patterns that are clouding your way forward. Each bottle can take you on a journey of deep healing and change. They can bring you their healing energies from your pocket!

I love to work with Bach Flower Remedies and Inner Child Essences as they compliment each other so well. 

Portrait of Dr Bach from 1930s

Dr. Bach Flower Remedies

It was Dr Bach who first brought back flower remedies into public consciousness in the 1930s. He found in the flower remedies he discovered, the holistic remedy he had been looking for. He no longer had to treat the disease, but treat the person. As his patients took his remedies, they moved back toward their Soul nature and towards wellness. In the words of Dr Bach:

“These remedies work, not by attacking disease, but by flooding our bodies with the beautiful vibrations of higher nature, in the presence of which dis-ease melts as snow in the sunshine”.

The Bach Flower Remedies work beautifully to release the stress and tension we experience in daily life. They gently and naturally bring us back into balance and empowerment once again.

colorful flowers & crystals that are in some of the inner child essences

Inner Child Essences

The Inner Child Essences work more deeply to release patterns that are more difficult to reach that often have their roots in childhood. With these essences we can release these deep seated patterns.

Inner child essences are made to include the energies of both flowers and crystals. They are made in the same way as Bach flower remedies, but introducing the healing energies of crystals alongside the flowers. They are made in specific combinations to work with issues that relate to difficulties arising from childhood experiences.

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Rachel Cremnitz

Rachel Cremnitz

Healing of all kinds and reconnection with Great Spirit has been the central focus of my life. In my practice I help to clear the subtle bodies, align people with their soul path, help people remember their spirit and to find hope and peace. I have been working directly with spirit and with these healing modalities for over 25 years for inner healing, spiritual awakening and personal development. I am based near Diss in Norfolk.

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