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Energy Baths for Two

Come and enjoy an energy bath for two. Bring a friend, partner or family member and bathe in high frequency energies that will balance and restore you both. It can even be enjoyed as a sort of spiritually attuned pamper session – a great option for a gift treatment.

These sessions retune and realign your subtle energy fields, bringing them into alignment, restoring your equilibrium and helping you to go deep within. Your subtle energy system will be cleansed and recharged, increasing your natural energy.

The healing frequencies will allow the busyness of life to recede and help you move into a refreshing calm and peace. They are an opportunity for deep spiritual connection and connection with your gentle heart vibration. 

You will experience the healing frequencies of Eternal Light Healing,  Light-Life Technology and the beautiful healing energies of the Beings of Light who come to assist us. The chakras will be opened and balanced to allow them to receive more of the healing frequencies. n 

Bring a Friend

Bring a friend, partner or family member, as healing energy baths works really well with two people. The Beings of Light on the higher dimensions love it when we come together to heal in this way, and they pour their love and intention through. As a group we create a chalice, a cup, into which their energies of love can pour in for us. It makes this form of healing very powerful.

The new energies on our planet are more feminine in nature, embracing cooperation and community. This is the way we are going, this is the direction of our evolution, and this is why a group healing with 3 or more people can be even more powerful these days. I invite you to experience it.

Eternal Light Healing

Discover this high frequency healing system, a gift from Source in these times of great change.

Light-Life Technology

These powerful healing tools create healing energy fields that bring health, wellbeing and balance.

Meet Me

Rachel Cremnitz

Rachel Cremnitz

Healing of all kinds and reconnection with Great Spirit has been the central focus of my life. In my practice I help to clear the subtle bodies, align people with their soul path, help people remember their spirit and to find hope and peace. I have been working directly with spirit and with these healing modalities for over 25 years for inner healing, spiritual awakening and personal development. I am based near Diss in Norfolk.

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