Be Kind to Animals

by Rachel Cremnitz

A Spiritual Journey in the Peak District.

I love animals and haven’t eaten meat for a long time, but for some reason I’d never given so much thought to sheep. Cute and cuddly and impossible to catch?

But that was it…until this happened…a message from the spiritual ancestors of our land. This experience at one time opened my heart and broke it…

I feel so drawn to share it with you. I love sheep, never thought about them much before, but this has changed to a big love of them.

We had been staying amongst sheep, hearing them baa all through the night and walking among them in the day, I had felt an increasingly strong connection to their soul group energy.

But I began to notice many of the ewes were limping. They had been recently sheared and my heart was breaking for them. “Are they so roughly handled?”

On one day we set off to Lud’s Church Gorge*, a deep chasm, a crevice in the rocky earth. We had to step carefully over uneven rocks and boulders as we gradually descended through it, between these incredible high walls of stone.

There was certainly a peaceful calm atmosphere of damp and moss but then something happened I wasn’t expecting.

At some point near the bottom my mind suddenly stilled, quietened just like that, in a moment, and I felt the intense ‘presence’ of life all around me, the wonder of it. I didn’t at first know what had happened only that I felt utterly different and saw my surroundings in a completely new way. We stood at the bottom in utter peace and silence for some time, awestruck and in wonder of this magnificent place. But why the intensity of the feeling?

Then, as we turned to leave, the ancestors, the protectors of this place, emerged for me in my heart and inner knowing. They blessed us both and I saw that this had been a place of initiation.

I didn’t know who these ancient people were for sure, but I felt they were ancient Druidic people. I could feel their pure love, their beingness. They were incredibly connected to mother earth and held such love frequencies. They were definitely still there.

These peoples had ascended into the earth. In contrast to our understanding of Ascension today, these druidic peoples ascended down into the earth. According to Drunvalo Melchizedek it was Christ that first brought the blueprint to earth of ascension to higher realms. 

It had not just been a mine or a shelter as the guidebook had said, but a deeply spiritual place, connected to the power and rhythms of mother earth. I would say it remains a sacred place of initiation and love even now.

If I could bring you one piece of their love! I stood not wanting to move and speechless. Trees and leaves jumped into life as I was suddenly able to ‘see’ the energy or life force in it, the power in it, the light, the love.

There was nowhere to sit down on this narrow hill path as all around us was soaked, but no one else was around so we could take our time. It was the end of the day though and dark would be descending soon. We stayed wrapped in this incredible feeling of love. I wanted stay forever in that wood! Nothing else seemed to matter.

Eventually we headed off, the long way home, as we had many miles to go. As we did so the rhythm of my feet brought them back closer to me.

They showed me how they had been living on the earth, connected to the mud. No carpets, no concrete, just earth in the simple structures in which they lived.

In my inner vision I saw how they lived, how they loved their animals, exquisitely, killing them only as they had to, with such reverence and respect for all life and deeply held in their love.

They showed me this to me I think so I would see or rather feel just how much love and respect is appropriate for our animals. I saw how we could treat our animals on this earth with reverence and respect, pure love. They loved their animals, with the same unconditional love they held for their family.  

This all came flooding back to me yesterday on my walk near my home. I felt myself soothed and so nurtured as I remembered how I had felt, so ‘held’ in their presence. I stood in the woods for some time as the love vibration came back to me. It opened my heart and connected me with my surroundings again, the sun, the warmth, the wind.

As I wondered if I could share this with people, I passed a field in which there are not normally sheep, but today there was a sheep there, all alone. I sent her the love I felt and she came trotting over to me! She let me take photos of her as though she wanted to help.

I would recommend a visit there, to this spot in the Peak District. I think the route the initiates would have taken was from the top to the bottom. But go without expectation and enjoy!

And send my love to the sheep!

Note: According to Drunvalo Melchizedek, before Christ the ancient Druidic people ascended down into the earth, rather than away from it. In other words, when they expressed enough love at a high level of purity in their being, such that they had learnt the lessons of life in this dimension and it was time for them to move to other frequencies of experience, they ascended towards the earth rather than away from it as happens now. Drunvalo explained that it was Christ that first brought the blueprint to earth of ascension to higher dimensions.

Note: Since my return I have discovered much more of the uncomfortable truth about how sheep are treated during shearing, often incurring leg injuries as the pressure of time makes for rough or careless handling of these mother sheep. The lambs as we know live only 4-6 months before slaughter. 

* Lud’s Church is in the Peak District, UK

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Rachel Cremnitz

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